Here at Out of his mind Dance we are striving to give each of you the experience of an artistic discipline.  We believe strongly in the value of self-discipline & self-expression. Dance is a balance of each of these qualities.  To gain real mastery and freedom of expression one must first be disciplined. For that reason the following are very important! 

  • A respectful attitude of teachers, and fellow classmates.
  • A respectful attitude of the property.
  • Behavior that represents the best you can be.
  • Cell phones do not belong in class. (They represent a lack of concern for what is happening right now and right here. )
  • Chewing gum is unattractive & intolerable.
  • Distracting jewelry is undesirable.

If at any time you are displeased with something you see or hear in the studio or waiting room please speak to a staff person at the earliest possible time.