Ballet, Pre-Pointe, and Pointe 1 & 2

6th through 12th grades

As the longest-standing formal technique in dance, ballet is regarded as the foundation for any student who desires to truly learn to dance.  At out of his mind DANCE, we teach a blend of Vaganova and Cecchetti techniques.  Students begin each class at the ballet barre where they can focus on building strength, balance, and proper technique.  Each class progresses to the center of the room where those skills are challenged and developed through adagio, petit allegro, pirouettes, and grand allegro exercises.

Pre-Pointe is designed to establish practical strengthening skills to pointe work.  Students do not begin the year in pointe shoes.  Pointe 1 and 2 are progressing levels of pointe work.  Pointe 1 will focus on bourees, piques, echappe, walking, and running.  Pointe 2 will add pirouettes and more complicated patterns.  Students will progress through the pointe program based on their particular skills rather than based on grade level.  Please note that pointe is not required when taking ballet.

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