• Here at the studio we do our best to stick to the schedule allotted for class. To do so requires that students arrive on time and are ready to go. It is important for the students to begin class together. We give a class designed to properly warm up the student for the exercises to follow. Without proper warm up the risk of injury increases. As parents and leaders we need to do our best to show the most responsible attention to these details. While we cannot prevent you from leaving class early, we do discourage it. When this occurs frequently it hampers the students’ development.

  •  I do understand that your children are involved in many activities, however, if your child is enrolled in a class they have a certain obligation to that class. I have to wonder if we are doing best by them when we over-involve them.

  • In the event that you are late please remind your child to enter the classroom in a respectful manner with as little distraction as possible when the next break in activity occurs. No student entering the classroom late should stand in the front of the room. They should enter quietly and take a place at the back.

  • Additionally, there is a dress code outlined.   When the dress code is ignored the child will be asked to sit and watch the class.